QHR 2013 Photos!


The link above is for Beth Wolff’s photos! Click, view and download any photos you would like!  Enjoy!!!


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About wilsonvillesolesisters

Lisa, Jules and Ann are thrilled to offer a Free walking / running club for the local ladies. We begin training in January for a half-marathon in May. Join us for the Queen of the High Road Half in Wilsonville!
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2 Responses to QHR 2013 Photos!

  1. Hello Ladies!
    Sorry we have been away for so long – ugh.
    I believe the password will be one that YOU create to launch your own free dropbox account. Once created, cut and paste the link and the photos should be there.
    Good Luck!

  2. Hi Meg,
    Please try creating your own free dropbox account then cut and paste the “address” for the photos once you log in. Happy Viewing!

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